Our nature

In to the forest we go to loose ourselves and our mind AND to find our soul. In the forest our imagination can run free. We can be present and feel like we belong. Here at our forest we believe that forest can heal your busy mind. It has been scientifically proven that being in forest will calm you down and reduce your stress levels. So it you need a break we have a place here for you to relax.

For Finns forest is almost a sacret place. We are known for our quietness and no bulshit ways. But when it comes to a forest. Most of us love it. Most of us go there to heal themselves. We get trees and love them. We love them. And we try to find better ways to live with them. Better ways to protect all trees in the world. That is also the reason why we take a part in compensation program that plants trees all over the world.

With us you can come to take part in forest training in our forest gym, meditate in the forest, take a hike to near by forests, collect berries and mushrooms, go walking with donkies, hug trees and draw in the nature. You can find small art from the forest such as our little lady bug forest. An you can create your own art with us or on your own.

Forest lake nearby.