Currently we have one horse and a shetland pony. They are both old guys and are here for you to pet them or feed them. We do not offer any kind of riding lessons or hikes with horses with these guys. For riding and hiking with horses we have partners who provide the whole experience for you.

The horse is called Roosa and she is born in 1999. Her real name is Pretty Primrose. She is spicy girl and even if she is calm and nice to handle in ground work she is full of fire when you ride her. She has exceptional way of being with humans. She is easy to handle in ground work that is why she is often with us when we do that with clients.

The pony is called just Pony. His real name is Inkkari which means Indian in Finnish. He is born 1989. So he has retired over a decade ago. Still even with his his old age he enjoys people’s company and is always willing to take part in activities as long as they are not too exhausting.

We welcome you to come spend time with our horses. Most of the time the biggest gift horses can give us is the their presence. The way how they ground us to this very present moment.