Our values

We believe that everyone is precious and unique. Everyone needs love, acceptance and to be heard and seen. Also respect and being present are really high on our list.

Our values:

  • Respect of all things – you, us, animals and nature. That’s why we choose to be as green as we can.
  • Love of all things – we choose to treat everyone and everything with love. Everyone is somebody’s child even in nature.
  • Everyone is unique – we tailor all visits to your needs.
  • Imagination – For us imagination is way to find dreams and new ideas. It’s also way to free yourself.


You – You might have different opinions, looks or ways to live. We accept you as you are. This shows through all our services. We tailor them, you can change your mind or stop doing what you were doing if you feel like it. We are here to serve you so you will have the best experience of Finnish forest and nature.

Animals – We are not whole without our animals. They are our friends and family. So we treat them as well as possible. We take into consideration their natural needs and try to let them live as they are suppose to live. For all our animals the shelters are up to the laws and more if we feel like they need more. The medical checks are done regularly and feeding is up to date. All people who handle animals here and instruct groups or individuals are trained to it. Also all safety issues are taken into consideration from animal and human point of view.

Nature – We cannot survive without nature. So we use things that are recycled, we recycle, we grow some of our food, we use local farms to provide us food, we use renewable energy sources and outdoor toilet. We do all we can to preserve nature. We also donate regularly to WWF and take actively part on projects to help nature.


We treat everyone here like they were our own family members. Also we are here to serve you, to listen to you and to see you as you are. In the nature you can also feel like you belong. That you are part of something bigger. The love is around us all.


Everyone is different. Everyone is special. We don’t care if you are different than us. We take you as you are. All our services are tailored to your needs. We have lot of services that you can choose from.


We strongly feel that using your imagination to create something and using your hands to do it is very powerful way to distress and to free our minds from restrictions.

If you want to read more about our values and quality – click here for our Quality book.